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3D printing helps to restore designers’ ideas

Art gives people the space to imagine, and the art concept comes from life. A work of art with a soul is the designer’s understanding and precipitation of life. Artistic creation is the ability to restore artistic ideas. In the age when 3D printing has not been widely used, the artistic structure of the extreme curve can’t be made by traditional crafts. The traditional craftsmanship relies on the dialysis ability of the master to restore the work, the production time is long and the repairability is low.

With the advent of 3D printing and its widespread use, a large number of outstanding designers have restored the artistically beautiful design to the viewer’s line of sight. 3D printing redefines the creative design. Whether in the industrial field, the art field or in the restoration and protection of cultural relics, it can be regarded as a revolutionary progress.


3D printing helps to present ancient art perfectly

On the occasion of the Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, the Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum held the Exhibition named “Legend of the Music and the Great Sound of Dunhuang Mural” on June 9th, 2018. The helders include Shanghai Xuhui District Cultural Bureau, Tianping Street, Xuhui District, Shanghai; the Xuhui Art Museum and the Dunhuang Research Institute. This exhibition is the first new exhibition of Dunhuang music and dance in China. Today’s high-tech means collides with the aesthetics of art of thousands of years ago, and transformes the two-dimensional mural image with new life.

SL 3D printing process


Shanghai Digital Manufacturing Co., Ltd was honored to print this 3D model for the exhibition and the completion of the dance model has gone through several stages such as digital-to-analog, print production, splicing and assembly and then paint. 

Before this, SL 3D printers from SHDM company also did good job for giant statues such as Statue of the Victory Goddess of the Louvre Collection (up to 3.28 meters) and the statue of Venus with the broken arm of one of the Louvre’s three treasures (2.03 meters high)

SLA 3D printing technology and photosensitive  ABS-like resin gives these giant 3D printed statues not only good overall appearance but also on the detailed texture, which allows easy spray,paint post-treatments.


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