Rapid prototype

Rapid prototype

Assembly verification: Due to the seamless connection of RP technology CAD/CAM, it can quickly produce structural parts, verify and analyze the structure and assembly of the product, so that the product design can be quickly evaluated and tested and therefore the development cycle is shortened and development costs is reduced and therefore improve market competition.

Manufacturability verification: to check and evaluate the subsequent manufacturing process of the batch mold design, production process, assembly process, batch fixture design, etc. with the prototype , to avoid the production problems and huge losses that may be caused by design defects after entering the batch production process. 


RP 1

Engineering Research


Runway design for water recreation facilities

This is a high-precision restored model for the design of runners in water recreation facilities, made of SL 3D printing in a fully transparent photosensitive resin. Pour the colored liquid and verify the flow path distribution and setting rationality by observing the flow of the colored liquid.

Printers recommended

All series of large volume SL 3D printers

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