3DSHandy-CSN Intelligent Colorful 3D Scanner

Introduction of 3DSHandy-CSN Intelligent Colorful 3D Scanner

3DSHandy-CSN Characteristics

3DSHandy-CSN Intelligent Colorful 3D Scanner has both the speckle projection and raster projection scanning modes.It can quickly acquire the three-dimensional data of wit, which has the characteristics of intelligence, portability, high precision and real non-contact. It does not need to use landmarks, and it can be fully automatic stitching. It can really realize true color scanning, with high color restoration, light weight, easy operation, portable and wide application range.


Double Scanning Mode: 

Both Speckle Projection and Raster Projection scanning modes are available.

Rapid & Precise Scanning:

Images can be captured at a speed of 3,100,000 times/s with an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm and be processed simultaneously.

Lifelike Color:

Information of object shape and texture can be captured simutaneously, scanning data is true and lifelike.

Multiple Applications:

A variety of objects can be scanned, handheld scanner is for big & middle size and fixed scanner is for smaller objects.

User Friendly:

The moving object is scanned in real-time 3D video mode, and the picture is automatically aligned in real time.

High Resolution:

The scanned data has clear details with a resolution of up to 0.2mm.

0 Mark:

You don't need to do any markup on the object, turn on the scanner, and that's it.

Light and Portable:

Whole scanner is 0.56kg, small, light and portable.

Human Safe:

The scanner uses white LED for safe scanning of the human body.


Automobile Industry

  Competitive product analysis
· Automobile modification
· Decoration customisation
· Modeling and design
· Quality control and parts inspection
· Simulation and finite element analysis

Tooling Casting

· Virtual assembly
· Reverse engineering
· Quality control and inspection
· Wear analysis and repair
· Jigs and fixtures design, adjustment


· Rapid prototyping
· MRO and damage analysis
· Aerodynamics & stress analysis
· Inspection & adjustment of parts installation

3D Printing

· Molding Inspection
· Reverse design of molding to create CAD data
· End products comparison analysis
· Scanned data can be used for 3D printing directly

Other Area

· Education and scientific research
· Medical and health
· Reverse design
· Industrial design

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