Ceramic 3D Printer 3DCR-350

Introduction to Ceramic 3D Printers

3DCR-350 is a ceramic 3d printer that adopts SL(stereo-lithography) technology.

It possesses features such as high forming precision, rapid printing speed of complex parts, low cost for small-scale production, and so on. 

3DCR-350 can be used in aerospace industry, automobile industry, chemical reaction container production, electronic ceramics production, medical fields, arts, high-end customized ceramic products, and more.

Key Features

High Precision, with precision detection report
Precise strike blade system with intelligent coating technology, rapid and smooth material filling. Adjustable printing thickness from 0.01mm-0.15mm. Printing precision up to 土0.1mm/100mm.

High Efficiency
Rapid scanning speed and high printing efficiency, simultaneous printing of multiple products.

Open Technological Parameters
Technological parameters are adjustable, facilitating R&D of new materials.

Piston Resin Vat
Can print multiple ceramic materials;
No requirement of full-vat material, saves cost; Can print highly viscous material.

Cyclic Material Mixing System
Install cyclic material mixing system to solve component sedimentation and maldistribution.

Support Multiple Printing Materials
Support printing of aluminum oxide, zirconia, TCP, HAp, silicon nitride and more materials.


Ceramic Printing Cases



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