FDM 3D Printer 3DDP-315

Core technology:

  • Super processor:STM32H750,400MHZ
  • Intelligent remote control and detection of APP in the mobile phone with WIFI.You can check the printing status in real-time.
  • High-temperature printing:Print under 300degree ,more compatible material,output material more uniformly
  •  9 inch touch screen:9 inch RGB touch screen,new UI interface,to bring more comfort to customers
  • Air filtration :Equipped with air filtration system,no more smell during printing process,to improve quality of life
  • No need levelling:The printing platform is free of leveling, you can directly print after starting up.
  • The printing platform:Magnetic platform sticker,take the models more conveniently
  • Machine appearance:Totally eclosed metal case,many consumabls can be printed,no more warping


Prototype, education and scientific research,cultural creativity,lamp design and manufacturing,cultural creation and animation,art design

Print models display