FDM 3D Printer 3DDP-1000

Core technology:

1、Build size:1000*1000*1200mm(length*width*height); 2、Nozzle number:1; 3、Nozzle diameter:0.6mm 0.4,0.8,1.0are optional; 4、Nozzle structure:single nozzle feeds; 5、Model accuracy:±0.1mm; 6、Machine positional accuracy:XY:≤0.0128mm,Z axis≤0.0025mm;

7、Screen:9inches Chinese or English;

8、Consumables:PLA/ABS/TPU/PVA; 9、Operation system:WIN,XP,MAC,Linux,Vista; 10、Equipment size:≤1864X1245X1740mm; 11、The machines come with leakage protection and overload protection 12、Function:Smart WIFI、Model review、Detection of the shortage of the material、Power off automatically after finishing printing、interrupted printing under the outage、feed and spit the material automatically 、Auxiliary leveling; 13、3KG specification consumables can be used directly,can wait material for a long time 14、Slicing software:slicing software matched with the machine;


Prototype, education and scientific research,cultural creativity,lamp design and manufacturing,cultural creation and animation,art design

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