Handheld 3d Scanner- 3DSHANDY-30LS

Introduction of handheld laser 3D scanner

3DSHANDY-30LS Characteristics

3DSHANDY-30LS is a handheld 3d scanner with light weight (0.92kg) and is easy to carry.

22 laser lines + additional 1 beam scanning deep hole + additional 7 beams to scan details, a total of 30 laser lines.

Fast scanning speed, high precision, strong stability, dual industrial cameras, automatic marker splicing technology and self-developed scanning software, ultra-high scanning accuracy and work efficiency.

This product has been widely used in the field of reverse engineering and three-dimensional inspection. The scanning process is flexible and convenient, suitable for various complex application scenarios.

● High precision

Fine mode measurement accuracy up to 0.01mm

● Fast measurement

22 laser lines + 1 scanning depth + 7 scanning details

● Light source form

Blue laser line, faster scanning speed and higher precision

● Multiple modes

Single beam to scan deep holes and blind spots; fine mode to scan details; standard mode to scan large format objects

● Industrial design

Light weight, ready to use, high efficiency work, up-to-date technology is guaranteed

● Real-time visualization

You can see what you are doing on your computer screen and what you need to do

● Flexible operation

Small size, flexible and convenient, easy to operate, easy to carry

Application Cases

Automobile Industry

  Competitive product analysis
· Automobile modification
· Decoration customization
· Modeling and design
· Quality control and parts inspection
· Simulation and finite element analysis

Tooling Casting

· Virtual assembly
· Reverse engineering
· Quality control and inspection
· Wear analysis and repair
· Jigs and fixtures design, adjustment


· Rapid prototyping
· MRO and damage analysis
· Aerodynamics & stress analysis
· Inspection & adjustment of parts installation

3D Printing

· Molding inspection
· Reverse design of molding to create CAD data
· End products comparison analysis
· Scanned data can be used for 3D printing directly

Other Area

· Education and scientific research
· Medical and health
· Reverse design
· Industrial design

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