Handheld 3d Scanner- 3DSHANDY-49LS

Introduction of handheld laser 3D scanner

3DSHANDY-49LS Characteristics

3DSHANDY-49LS is a handheld 3d scanner with high work efficiency and high scanning detail performance.

Advanced blue light technology, 13 pairs of cross laser beams + 11 pairs of fine scanning laser beams + 1 deep-hole scanning laser beam. Industrial-grade wide range 3D scanning system.   The scanning plan can be flexibly formulated according to user needs.

● Portable design

Small and portable, easy to carry, handheld design for arbitrary scanning

● Extensive scanning applications

It can be used in various environments and three-dimensional modeling of the surface of different sizes of workpieces. One machine has multiple functions.

● Easy to learn and understand

Those who have no experience in operation can master various operations and calibration procedures proficiently after training

● High efficiency

The output point efficiency of a single frame is increased by more than 3 times, and the measurement rate is as high as 1.6 million measurements per second

● High adaptability

A variety of scanning modes are intelligently guided, black, reflective materials and multi-color can be easily dealt with, and the range is more adaptable

● Detail scan

The resolution of fine mode is up to 0.01mm, the real-time rendering speed and effect are optimized, and the details of the scanning process are clearly visible

● Reduced preliminary work

Reduced number of target reflection marking points

● Scanning format

Scanning format up to 1400×1100mm

Application Cases

Automobile Industry

  Competitive product analysis
· Automobile modification
· Decoration customisation
· Modeling and design
· Quality control and parts inspection
· Simulation and finite element analysis

Tooling Casting

· Virtual assembly
· Reverse engineering
· Quality control and inspection
· Wear analysis and repair
· Jigs and fixtures design, adjustment


· Rapid prototyping
· MRO and damage analysis
· Aerodynamics & stress analysis
· Inspection & adjustment of parts installation

3D Printing

· Molding inspection
· Reverse design of molding to create CAD data
· End products comparison analysis
· Scanned data can be used for 3D printing directly

Other Area

· Education and scientific research
· Medical and health
· Reverse design
· Industrial design

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